Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things to do in Wadi Rum

Things to do in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Much has been said about the famous Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, historically speaking this area is well known for its role in Arab Revolt and its importance to T.E. Lawrence.

As we all know this spectacular place is a surrounded by sand dunes, sandstone cliff mountains, impeccable Nabatean rock inscriptions and bridges.

Wadi Rum offers a range of possible things to do from few hours, overnight or several days of stay. Check out our list to have an idea of what you might want to add on your itinerary. 

Jeep Ride
The most common activity here is a jeep ride ranging from 2 hrs up to 8 hrs. 
A short jeep tour shows you a glimpse of the desert, you'll see Nabatean Temple, Rum Village, Khazali Canyon and Lawrence Spring.
The drive is bumpy, in an open air, vehicles use are old and no A/C. The jeeps are owned by the Bedouin Association. 

Active & adventurous traveller might as well consider exploring the area by;

Camel ride or trek
Camels are remarkable creatures, they are known as the ships of the desert. Camels are biologically adapted to desert life, can go long periods without water. Similar to horses camels carry and deliver goods from one point to the next since ancient times.

Pointers on how to ride a camel
  • Unlike horse riding you do not need any experience to ride a camel, it is easy. The getting on is the difficult part.     
  • With the camel handler supervision you mount the camel when they were sitting down/position, get one leg over the camel’s hump, sit on the saddle, making sure you are in a comfortable position and hold on the saddle. 
  • Sit and hold the handle attached to the saddle, as the camel stand up or sit down its important you lean backwards and hold on to handle.
  • Be relaxed, comfortable and confident as camels can sense when a person riding them is uncomfortable.
  • If you feel like you are going to tumble, do not panic and hold on tight.  
  • Good posture may also keep you from falling from your camel. 
  • Dismount camel when they are in sitting position or scaffold. 

Interesting facts about camels
  • Camel are the only mammals with oval red blood cells, this is the reason they can go long periods without water.
  • Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water in one go.
  • Camels can kick in all four directions with each of their legs.
  • Camels can close their nostrils against wind and sand when needed.

Riding a camel is a fun, relaxing activity and another option to explore the beautiful desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Enjoy, have a great and memorable experience.

Horse back ride
An active way to discover the splendour beauty of the desert is by a horse ride. To be able to fully enjoy the experience you have to be an experienced rider, able to control the horse at any pace in an open area. 

By foot, hiking or trekking (some requires scrambling)

Enjoy sipping a Bedouin tea during your short break at the desert.

Don't miss the chance to watch the legendary Wadi Rum Sunset.

For an authentic and unforgettable experience you might like the idea of staying in a camp enjoying the tranquillity and calmness evening, watching the starry sky, tasting a tradition Bedouin meal and listening to their music and story and sleeping in a Bedouin tent. 
Bedouin Zarb
Important reminder:
We encourage each traveller to have a travel insurance while on tour as no one can predict when something is going to happen. To be on secure side and to secure yourself avail a travel insurance plan.