Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum

New Downtown Area, Ras al-Ayn Amman (Ali Bin Abi Taleb St)

Opening Hours & Days:
10:00 - 14:00, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Entrance Fee:
Tourists (Non-Jordanian)                                  – 5 JD per person
Residents                                                       – 1 JD per person
12-18 years old (Jordanian or Non-Jordanian)       – 500 Fils per person

Brief Description: 
The museum will give you an excellent outlook of the history, geography, culture and geology of Jordan, from the earliest known statues through to the Roman period.

The Jordan Museum exhibits collections are well labeled with helpful information panels spread around the area.

There are few interactive displays, like the traditional Bedouin handicrafts, interactive computer displays, some collection can be touched like the carved stones and fragments of pottery from different era. 

Main Gate Signage

The Building

The Jordan Museum

Main Entrance

Mosaic Floor from Byzantine Period

Museum Map

The Jordan Museum

Ain Ghazal Statue

Collection from Lower to Upper Palaeolithic Period

Mortar & Pestle from 12,000 BC

Description on Neolithic Period

Large Stone Basin

Neolithic Period

The Procession Wall Painting

Chalcolithic Vessels and Tools

Nomad Period

Nomad Period

Nomad Period

Pottery from Bronze Age

Mysterious writing from late Bronze Age

History of writings

Arabic Script

Family Tree of Alphabet

Interactive Computers

Replica from Aramaic 19th Century

Collection from Nabatean Period

Preserved Nabatean Cloth

Potteries from Nabatean Period
From 1st Century AD

Pottery Pipe from 3rd Century

Nabatean Inscriptions

Marble Statue of Apollo

Hydraulic Stone Saw Machine from Jerash

Wall Mosaic from Byzantine Period

Dead Sea Scroll Jar

Copper Scrolls

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