Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Having Lunch in Jordan

Having Lunch in Jordan

After, a long day of visiting a site whether after a long walk or hike, having lunch is something to look forward to. Familiarize yourself with the eating-places around the sites you are visiting, to ease things for you and to ensure you enjoy a nice and delicious meal. To help you plan that, below are the lists of the dining options in each site. 

Dining places in Amman are available everywhere and offers wide selections of restaurants. Every types of food are available from traditional Jordanian food to an American cuisine or anything in between.

While you are in Umm Qais there is an option to dine in Umm Qais Rest House serving Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant location offers a beautiful view of The Golan Heights and The Sea of Galilee. 

After a long walk in archaeological site, choosing to dine close by is the best idea. Most types of food offered in Jerash are Middle Eastern cuisine. Closest restaurants are:
The Green Valley: Middle Eastern cuisine located at the main route south of the archaeological site of Jerash
The Lebanese House: Lebanese cuisine – ten-minutes walk from Jerash's Visitor Centre 

Closest restaurant is Haret Jdoudna:  Middle Eastern Cuisine located in a side street not far away from St. George's Church. 

In the Dead Sea Restaurants are located in hotels, they are quiet expensive. An alternative option you can consider to have is to enjoy lunch at Amman Beach for a low price. 

After visiting the Kerak Castle, you can enjoy a lunch in a nearby restaurants
Kir Heres Restaurant: offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes both local and international food
Kerak Rest House:  Offers buffet for lunchtime. 

After a long walk or hike in Petra archaeological site, choosing to dine close by is the best idea. It also depends on how far you reach inside of Petra.  If you only plan to walk to the treasury and back, you can choose a restaurant close by the site or eat at local hotels. If you go further towards the end of the main trail to the monastery, there are two restaurants to select from.

Dining places in Aqaba are available everywhere. Seafood and fresh fish restaurants are very popular and can be found everywhere in Aqaba. Other international restaurants are also available, even fast food restaurants. There are wide selections to pick from; it all depends on the individuals' preference.  

Only places to eat are at the camps if you are staying overnight since, Wadi Rum is a natural reserve.

After visiting the 3 Desert Castles, there are couple of options for restaurants in the area other than the Al Azraq Rest House.  
Azraq Palace: This restaurant is close to Azraq Castle. It would be a place to take a break and eat, after the long walk from the Desert Castles. They offer Middle Eastern lunch buffet.
Cave Restaurant: The restaurant is on Highway 30 within Azraq city, around 1 km south of the T-junction.  A local restaurant offers Middle Eastern food. 

Salt City is only half an hour away from Amman. If you decide to dine there for lunch, there is an option to stop by The Mountain Breeze Country Club; a garden restaurant and outdoor activity centre set in the picturesque Gilead Mountains. They offer Lebanese and international cuisine.