Monday, July 18, 2011

Madaba Shopping

If you search for authentic Jordanian handicraft, Madaba is a place to go. The town is well known for its Byzantine mosaic art, and the Mosaic School is evidence for the importance of this craft. The school trains to conserve and restore the ancient mosaics as well to produce mosaics. So naturally you can find various, hand made mosaic souvenirs like vases, wall hangings and tables in Madaba. There are many shops around St Georges' Church and on the way to Mt Nebo where you can buy and watch how items are made.  
Other local crafts are rugs, pottery and hand-painted ostrich eggs. The eggs are decorated with tiny dots of paint to create various designs, depicting scenes of ancient mosaics and Jordanian folklore. 

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The artisans cut stone slices with clippers, to create the small pieces. Such kind of table mosaic takes in the average 5 months. © Petra Nights Tours

© Petra Nights Tours

© Petra Nights Tours

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    This place looks great. I am heading to Jordan in December, and it will be great if you kindly provided me with the exact name or address of this place in Madaba ... many thx.