Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Filipino Community in Jordan

There are approximately around 26,000 Filipino Nationals living in Jordan. Many of whom have been staying in the Kingdom for a long time. In the Capital City of Amman, there is this small area near the 2nd circle that has become a popular place for the Filipinos, even some of the taxi drivers call it Manila street. The place has a couple of small caf├ęs and restaurants that serves authentic Filipino cuisine. There is also shop along the area that sells up to date DVD’s of Filipino themed Movies.  A number of supermarket also sells Filipino made food products which in a way satisfy the palatial cravings of its ever faithful patrons. As they say better have a little something than non-at all.  Friday is considered to be the busiest day of the week in this area as this is the day where most of the Migrant workers take their weekly off. At the side street next to the supermarket, you will find a couple of street vendor selling different kind of food stuffs commonly seen in the Philippines from Dried Fish, Salted eggs, Vegetables like Philippine Variety of Bitter Gourds and Eggplant. You will also find cooked delicacies usually seen in the dining table during town “Fiestas” like sapin sapin, Cassava Cake, and Ube Halaya. Crispy Chicken skin, stewed beef innards remains their best sellers.

© Edgar

© Edgar

Roman Catholicism is the Philippines pre-dominant religion in which in a way Jordan has become a heaven in practicing their faith. Jordan is known to be a county where place for catholic pilgrims takes place next to Jerusalem.  Jesus Christ was baptized by St. John the Baptist in Bethany and the Mt. Nebo is the place where Moses had gazed at the Promised Land before he died. In Amman, there are several Catholic Church that offers a holy mass dedicated to Filipinos and at times the mass is celebrated by a visiting Filipino priest. Practicing one’s faith is a freedom guaranteed by the Kingdoms constitution.

© Edgar

The Filipino Community in Jordan is just a small part of millions of Filipino Migrant workers scattered all over the world with their remittances as one of the major catalyst in the Philippine economy. It may be true that having a job overseas is not easy as others may think. But the things we enjoy in Jordan makes us feel just like HOME.

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